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How Social Networking Sites Influence Our Life

As we all know what is a social networking site and the examples for such sites are Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. These are the four major social networking sites that have spread like a disease all over the world not only in cities and towns but also even in some remote villages. This is can be considered as one of the most interesting but at the same time health spoiling invention of this century. This proves that as technology is getting advanced, our world is walking towards its end. It is very much surprising to know that these sites have not existed 5 or 6 years ago. As soon as the launch of these social networking sites they have gained popularity and almost all people have an account with any of those sites mentioned above.

One real advantage of social networking sites is that many people have got many new friends and some would have even found their life partners through these sites. Hence it can be said that they also do the job of a matrimonial site here, to be funny. Every profile in these sites consists of an update about their status and what they are doing at the very moment. Some people may also sit on these sites for the whole day and update their profile even up to 10 times a day. This really is very unhealthy as said by most of the doctors around the world. People care much about what other persons do in these sites and never look after their own living or eating food or taking care of their health. Recently there are also so much of entertainment factor on these sites like gaming, sports or cinema news and gossips.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter also plays a big role in delivering instant information to the public. You may just send a Tweet or update your Facebook if you’re stucked in traffic or saw a ongoing crime or perhaps you have just witnessed an accident.

That’s not all, social networks are also known as an effective way of promoting products and services. There are companies that provide services to advertise your business such as Nett Solutions which offer a complete package of Internet marketing.

It is also very helpful for some people who want to maintain their relationship with some important persons or college friends, etc. But on a survey it is estimated that most of the youngsters who have an account in these sites really strain so much sitting the whole day before the computer chatting with some Tom or Lucy and seeing updates about dick or sally. Is it very important to know what color boxers he wears or what brand bra she wears. Hence it is very much advisable for youngsters to keep away from these sites or else use it sensibly without spoiling their precious time and health.

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